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Card Messages


  • It's A Joy To Remember Your Special Day.
  • All Of The Nicest & Happiest Things On Your Birthday
  • You're Not Getting Older... Your Always Getting Better!
  • Wishing Your Day To Be Filled With Sunshine, Smiles, & Laughter.
  • Happy Birthday! Just Thinking Of How Special You Are.
  • Like A Fine Wine, You're Getting Better With Age.
  • Celebrate! You Deserve Every Moment.
  • Whatever You're Hoping For, I Wish You All That & More.
  • I Love Bonfires On Birthdays. Happy Birthday!
  • Wishing You A Year Filled With The Same Joy That You Bring To Me.
  • Live, Laugh, & Love...Everyday, Especially Birthdays!


  • I Could Not Wait To Say "I love you" Even After All These Years.
  • I Still Can't Believe I Ever Met Anyone As Wonderful As You.
  • To A Very Special Twosome
  • Kiss Me & You'll See Stars, Love Me & I'll Give Them To You.
  • I Did Not Know About Love, Till I Met You.
  • You Have Always Been My First Thought In The Morning & My Last Thought At Night.
  • Beautiful Flowers For An Even More Beautiful You.
  • A Person Like You Makes My World Beautiful.
  • I'm All Smiles, When Your Just Being You.
  • You're My Rainbow When I'm Under The Weather.
  • To my "BFF."
  • Some Ask If I'd Do It All Over Again.... Yes, In A Heartbeat.
  • All My Love, All My Life.
  • Do You Know What I Like About You?...Everything!
  • Some People Have Friends & Lovers, In You I Have Found Both!
  • Flowers Whisper "I love You"....And They Heard It From Me.
  • You're My Love And The "Wind Beneath My Wings."

Get Well

  • Sending You Healing Thoughts & A Little Sunshine To Brighten Your Day.
  • Good Health Starts With A Happy Heart. Hope This Kick Starts Both!
  • Loving Relief For A Better Day.
  • Doctor's Orders: Don't Overexert Yourself.  Nurse Chasing Included.
  • Bed, Rest, Push Button For Service... Did You Say Hospital?
  • Sending Our Love To Help Get You Over Those Little Bumps Of Life.
  • Get Well, Get Happy, & Get Out Soon!

New Birth

  • Another Miracle In This World! Congratulations.
  • A "Star Is Born!" Congratulations.
  • We're So Happy For You. Welcome To Your New(est) Arrival.
  • We Welcome Your New Bundle Of Joy And Can't Wait To Meet Her/Him.
  • Much Happiness & Love To You And Your Baby.
  • Let Us Know When We Can Meet Your Bundle Of Joy!
  • Starting A Family Was Exciting. Sharing A New Family Member... Priceless!


  • Please Accept These Flowers In Place Of The Words I Said.
  • I'm Wrong.... You're Right.
  • I'll Never Forgive Myself But I'm Hoping You Will.  I'm Sorry.
  • I Hope That These Flowers Hold The "Keys" To Getting Out Of The Doghouse. Please?
  • I Know That I Am Not Perfect, But My Heart Says I'm Perfect For You!
  • I Should Know By Now To Keep My Mouth Shut And Listen To My Heart. I Hope You Can Forgive Me.
  • Please Forgive Me.
  • I Hope That I Didn't Lose A Friend Forever Because That Is How Long I Am Wanting To Be With You.
  • My Heart Is Aching.  I Hope You Can Help With A Cure.
  • I Hope That Flowers Never Lose Their Touch. I Hope I Haven't Lost Yours!